Welcome to Cacao for a Cause

Hello readers! I’m currently a student at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, studying sustainable business, and I am taking a fascinating class: Social Media for Social Change. The intention in this class is for us to become comfortable with our public persona, out here in the social web, and one avenue is through blogging. I am no stranger to blogging, however my past blogs (yes, I’ve had more than a couple) have not stuck. They were born on a whim and abandoned because their purpose and path was not apparent.

This blog is different, and it’s here to stay. And it’s about cacao, sustainability, and conscious consumption.

Ever wonder where that divine chocolate bar you’re eating was made? Or what the implications of munching on that Hershey’s Kiss are? Or are you simply interested to learn about the coolest new sustainable chocolate bar on the market? Whatever your relationship with my favorite food in the world, come explore this special bean’s history, health benefits, and fair food revolution. More importantly, join me in the journey to see just how big a deal cacao is in business, who it benefits, who it doesn’t, and what conscious groups are doing to make this business more equitable so you and I can enjoy our chocolate without any guilt.

With this blog, I intend to find continuity and rhythm through the promotion of sustainable indulgence. I will share my passion for chocolate, my belief that business can create positive change, and explore all the ways that the chocolate industry, a big business, can improve its practices. Cacao for a cause is one of my passions, ever since I learned about how it impacts millions of farmers across the world. There is immense potential to make chocolate lovers around the world connect with the product and join the movement for fair trade, ethical chocolate. My hope is that I can inspire love and responsibility on the consumer end for a food that is truly a gift to us. You’ll learn why it’s important to stand up to big chocolate-making companies to demand more transparency. You’ll learn how the cacao bean has evolved. You’ll learn about its many benefits. And you’ll learn how you can make a difference.



  1. Mike said,

    October 16, 2011 at 1:44 am

    I’m excited to learn more. Chocolate is something that nearly everyone in the US has experienced, but many have not tasted beyond the industrial side of the bean. As someone who has also traveled in many parts of the world, including West Africa, I am deeply aware of the impact agricultural industrialization has on local farmers. Looking forward to sharing your passion.

  2. ticsnow said,

    December 9, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    That is great Monali that you are blogging about something you are so passionate about. I am really interested in learning more. Chocolate is one of my favorite things too. I do have some awareness about fair trade chocolate versus none, and the impact none fair trade practices have on local farmers. I don’t really think much about the sources of my chocolate, except for when I see chocolate that is explicity marked for fair trade or organic. Will explore more of your blog.

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