Buy a chocolate that is as authentic as your love

Last year, in the U.S., consumers spent $15.7 million on Valentine’s Day. Some of that was spent on roses. Some on cards. And some on chocolate. I don’t know how much of this was spent on ethical, certified tokens to demonstrate your love, but I’m betting it wasn’t too high.

This day does not evoke passion in me the same way eating fine chocolate does. To me, it is a day of contradictions. You are supposed to, on February 14, celebrate  being in love, and perhaps demonstrate the depth of your affection through a gift. But if your gift, lets say it is chocolate, has a sullied story beneath it’s fancy wrapping, and if the earth was ravaged and people were harmed in the process of producing this token of your affection, then is your gift as delicious, divine or deep as you had intended?

My intent is not to darken the mood around what is a special day for many. It is actually to challenge and suggest that you match the authenticity of your love with a similarly authentic chocolate gift, should you choose to buy one for your partner. Why did chocolate ever become so popular on V-day? Because chocolate, back in the day, when it was revered as gold and consumed as a decadent drink, saved for special occasions and royalty, was truly special. That kind of special does not exist today on most store shelves. But it is out there and it is not hard to find a bar that matches your respect for your partner and the planet, and packs purpose. If you are going to spend the big dollars today for someone, spend it right!

Splurge at New Leaf chocolates to support chocolate made right, that’s unique, special, and delicious. Test out Theo for some truffles, Endangered Species to double up your love for your partner and for migratory birds, or elect Equal Exchange. If you’re really looking to indulge, visit your nearest fine chocolate store and purposefully purchase a Kallari bar, some Askinosie, Amedei, Pacari, or Original Beans, a company that embodies quality, meaning, and sustainability.

Or go the Divine, Shaman or Camino way. Wow your loved ones with your thoughtfulness in selecting a guilt-free, responsible, high quality chocolate. Because they’re worth it.

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