Happy Earth Day – lets join in conscious trade

Happy Earth Day! Hope a part of it is spent out in nature and consuming something that you know originated from the earth.

Today I’m thinking about farmers. They’re really the ones most connected to our land, in a way. They depend on it for their livelihood, and so one can assume they understand, respect and value it that much more. And a lot of them, including small-scale cacao farmers, need help in accessing the global market and obtaining a fair price for their beans.

Thankfully, there are some savvy, passionate people working on this very dilemma. Some good friends just launched a website today for their project: Yellow Seed. They’ve created a tool that helps connect farmers to buyers and philanthropic donors to facilitate what they’ve coined conscious trade. You can read more about what this means via the Yellow Seed blog. The prototype will be with cacao farmers in Peru, and it launches this summer!

Check out the site and spread the word. And sign up for updates and participate! If you know of products or people who are involved in the development of ethical products that could benefit from the Yellow Seed model, please reach out. If you love to travel and eat exotic products and connect with people from all over, then you have a role to play. Consumer choice is a powerful tool for change.

The very reason I started this blog was to appeal to chocolate lovers around the world to connect with this product they love and join the movement to demand and expect tasty, ethically grown chocolate. Because chocolate consumption should be a guilt-free experience. And because we are connected to people halfway across the world, whether we choose to believe it or not. And, we all share one earth, so lets invest in the products and methods that nurture it and treat it responsibly. There’s an Earth Day vision I can stand by.



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